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I once met a client at an undisclosed location in Las Vegas, many years back. It was my first time in Vegas and he was one of my first clients in the city. We exchanged numbers when we met, and we met up later that evening. We had spoke about having a more unconventional date and discussed a few options, ultimately landing on the decision to go one of LV’s many “peep show” theaters; you know, those theaters in the back of those old adult novelty stores… anyways, he picked me up from my hotel and we headed to the store. He had my donation ready for me in the car, and we took care of that immediately. On the way to the theater, I allowed him to run his hands so far up my thigh, that he definitely found my hot pocket! He was sooo turned on by the fact that I was even open to the idea, that he seemed ready to explode in his pants before we even got there. I thought this was cute and even a little sexy. We arrived to the theater and he bought 2 tickets to the back from the old, bald guy at the register, who hollered out to us to “have fun” and we entered through the red painted door that led to the back. Now, I had been to a few of these before, but none like this. This one was immaculate! There were many large theater rooms playing any assortment of porn on the TV’s, private booths where you could insert quarters to watch a certain movie, couches, chairs, and tissue boxes hanging from every wall. It seemed pretty clean compared to what I had been to before, but of course these places are pitch dark when you enter. So as it was; dark, kind of cold, and halways and rooms full of men wacking off to gay porn – hand in hand, we entered the largest room. There were 4 – 60 inch flat screen televisions on the wall in the front of the room that helped to light it up in there a bit. It was set up very theater like, with rows of comfortable looking coushiny chairs, and a few longer bench like couches along the side of one wall. There were several men spread out throughout the theater, watching the porn very intensly, and did not even notice us enter the room. In the back though, near the entrance to the room, was a group of very awkward looking people. They looked so out of place, yet full of curiosity. The type of people you might see at a wedding, or a charity event – not here. But it was probably 2 or 3 sets of couples and maybe a few single men and women both. They instantly glued eyes to us when we walked in for some reason. I’m sure we were a slightly odd pair, as he was much, much older than me. But I led the way in confidence, and he followed me to the front of the room where there was this one long leather bench that was perfect for us. We were almost front and center of the room and he sat down and instantly started to pull his throbbing cock out of his pants. He knew what was about to go down… These other people however, were in for a show. I had on a short skirt with pantyhose and heels. I bent over, kneeling on the bench next to him and tooted my big, round ass up in the air for everybody to see. My skirt rose up over my ass, exposing the crotchless pantyhose I had on. My date reached around behind me and started to play with my already wet pussy as I slid a condom on his dick with my mouth only. Suddenly, I noticed that many of the people in the room were not only, paying close attention to us, but had in fact, pulled up chairs all around us and surrounded us as we put on a show for them, up close and personal. The intensity of everything, made my date BLOW in minutes, and hey, can ya blame the guy?! It was totally hot. The people were so excited to watch me work his cock in my mouth like a pro. I know for a fact, some of them guys in that room were jealous as hell they were using their hands while he got the warmth of my mouth. When he finished, I quickly cleaned him and I up with a napkin, got up, pulled my skirt back down, grabbed my dates hand and walked out. We heard the excitement in the room as we left. Everybody was sort of cheering us on and clapping as we walked out. I’ll be honest and say, I felt a little cheated that they got a FREE show, but I was young, and it did turn me on. 😉 Fourtunately I’m much more seasoned now. It was a date that neither one of us is soon to forget, and I think it’s safe to say we both had a freaky, fun time.


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