BBBJ – BigBareBackJoke!


I have been in the adult industry for over 10 years now, and I have never seen the amount of unprotected sex and sex acts as I have in the past few years. I would say that the rate has steadily increased from 2015-2018 in providers offering bareback service of some sort. And the argument? That it’s their choice, and they are affecting only themselves in this choice. I have a hard time swallowing this pill, because I feel like the choices that other sex workers make, DO directly affect me and my work. You can’t tell me that if you as a provider, decide to see a client and perform bareback services on him and then he later comes to see me, that there is no risk of me catching an STI. Even if I properly protect myself. We all already know that even condoms are not 100% effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections. So why take the EXTRA risk of taking it completely off! It’s maniacal thinking.


I remember a time when GFE only meant affection for real. I remember having GFE sessions that didn’t even entail sex or a sex act of any kind. It was simply kissing, cuddling, and showing attention and affection toward the client. But, boy oh boy have things changed. It is not only accepted, but commercialized and encouraged in the sex workers community now. Bareback used to be something that providers only did behind closed doors, and only talked about in private between the client and themselves, and was also offered for a much higher rate than the original donation. Nowadays though, it is broadcasted across advertisement boards and social media like it’s nothing. It’s said that there is a much lower risk in catching an STI via oral sex as opposed to vaginal sex. Who this is said by, I’m not sure – because it’s not a proven fact. There is no actual percentage or statistic on this. It’s honestly just common sense.


While I continue to make this argument among my followers on social media outlets, I am astonished by the number of women who not only defend this but encourage it as well! A lot of my followers who disagree with the practice of safe sex in sex work – keep asking me for statistics and percentages of how many people catch some type of STI by giving or receiving oral sex, and the truth is that these numbers don’t exist simply because most people who are found to have an STI have no way to really prove they caught it from oral sex, since oral and vaginal sex often go hand in hand. There’s no solid statistic that says X amount of STI’s come from oral sex alone. But what is out there, are the percentages and numbers of people contracting STI’s because they are practicing unsafe sex. Let’s face it: the more people you are sexually active with and do not practice safe sex, the more exposed and vulnerable you are to catching a virus. More than 50 million  people living in America have some type of herpes, and 85% of them don’t even know it! That means 1 out of every 5 people you meet!


But let’s just talk about the part where women feel like they should be allowed to make their own choices in this profession, right. Yes, that’s true – but then again, what happened to your morals and values as a woman? You just decided to completely throw them out the window because your a sex worker!? We already take a tremendous enough risk as it is by providing this service. But then you give these men the power to control the whole industry by providing a service to them that was never meant for them to receive from a professional sex worker. In any region or establishment where prostitution is legal, it is also MANDATORY for the women to protect themselves.

Nevada law requires that registered brothel prostitutes be tested weekly (by a cervical specimen) for gonorrhea and Chlamydia trachomatis, and monthly for HIV and syphilis;[22] furthermore, condoms are mandatory for all oral sex and sexual intercourse. Brothel owners may be held liable if customers become infected with HIV after a prostitute has tested positive for the virus.[23] Women work a legally mandated minimum of nine days for each work period.[24]

Why do you think that is? Don’t you think that in a controlled environment like that, it would be more acceptable to offer a bare service? No. It’s not. Because it’s just not ever ok. Because it doesn’t just put YOU at risk, it puts us all at risk. 

More often than not, I talk to sex workers who are truly struggling because they feel like they have to make a moral decision to either take the only business that’s coming their way and providing a service they’re uncomfortable providing, or ending up without any business at all. And for what? Why should I feel pressured by a client who is paying for MY time and MY service, to perform unsafe acts with him. It’s absolutely out of control anymore! I see advertisements for women who are offering everything from BBFS to BBGreek, rim jobs, CIM, and more.

And some of these women are top notch escorts with 100 amazing reviews. How does the average sex worker compete with that? The answer is, you can’t! The bareback community will always win. Men will always look for a cheap thrill and as long as women are providing that, it will always exist. I have always thought about the legalization of prostitution and what it would do to my community as a whole and although I would love to believe that it would make the industry great again, I have to say that I’m unsure of that anymore. But I do think that with proper rules and regulations, this could still be an employment opportunity and a hobby alike, for all the people who love this industry.


Bottom line is, it’s not right for a woman in this industry to have to weigh her options out as far as safety is concerned. But that is exactly what this has come to. New women in the game are selling their souls to a trick with $100 and will never see the truth because it’s the norm now. BBBJ is standard in this industry and if you don’t offer it, you don’t survive. These clients are like leeches, feeding off the souls of these desperate women willing to do anything for the almighty dollar. I understand it to a certain extent, but then again – I don’t understand it at all. They always told us that drugs went hand in hand with prostitution, but that turned out to be a lie as well. Sex workers came a long way to finally have some type of good reputation for ourselves. Meaning that not all of us are/were drug crazed women just trying to get our next high. Many of us in this community are well educated, independent, professional women and one would think, therefore have higher standards for ourselves. Sadly, it’s untrue. It’s the educated, professional, so called upscale providers who are offering this demoralizing service to the public. You could probably cruise your nearest hoe stroll and try to pick up any of the ladies on the track and try to get your rocks off with no hat, and I bet it don’t fly. They will laugh in your face and tell you not to show your face around them again. Yet, you can log onto Eros, a pretty expensive, well known, upscale escort provider listing site, and find several beautiful women willing to risk it all for a small fee. And I don’t care how much your charging, ladies. It’s a small fee compared to your life. And it’s not worth it. Even if it doesn’t directly affect you right now, you don’t know what effects it may have on you, your client, or any other providers in the future. Maybe you missed the bullet somehow, but someone else didn’t. Someone else who wasn’t taught properly how to do her job as a sex worker, is now riddled with infection and disease. And it could have all been avoided. But you know what the saddest part of all this is for me? These women don’t even realize that they are providing a service for what they think they are monetizing off more than the next woman, when in all actuality the clients would still buy the same amount of pussy and for the same price if we all demanded that they use protection. Let me repeat that again, you are selling yourself short. You can charge the exact same price for the exact same service AND protect yourself all at the exact same time! Imagine that.


If prostitution was to be legalized, and there were rules and regulations demanding that you protect yourself in your work environment – would you or would you not still be a sex worker and why? Sign this petition if you’re interested in trying to fight the good fight and try and get our oldest profession in the world, legalized. Comments below.

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