The Business-Tech World Is In My Bedroom

The Business/Tech World is in My Bedroom

The revolution has begun, these past few years the sex world has been drastically changing right before us.  Some have been privileged enough to peep it out and plenty have been blindsided. Out with the old in and in with the new. So who is out? Everywhere on  4-6-2018 a lot of Pimps/hoes – bf/gf – users/abusers, however you want to say it went their separate ways with the news that was seized. That site alone being shut down, had a huge impact on a sexually active community.  New Law SESTA/FOSTA has taken its toll on the internet to restrict the free market boom of the underground sex trade. Which caused everything from immediate homelessness to cryptocurrencies market dropping  from the new law.  Where has the money from this big sex trade disappeared to this month? Probably the bank since most money has been saved since law enforcement are actively curving prostitution from all angles.

With single men at all time high in America and birth rates are down, it should go without question that we are still  marketed to heavily as a target consumer.  With women as our weakness, these products and services are on the rise this year.  Snapchat premium, where girls share pics and short videos using sites like and to  monitor a girls membership for a 80% payout is a thing. Except most girls will ruin the experience for most people. Too much selling for me personally and not enough action. The snapchat upgrade has brought a lot of girls problems with them not being able to figure out how to record over 10 sec clips. The sex robots are looking like the future with Artificial Intelligence and a wet ass.Still out of the common mans budget, but a bitch to look forward to. Pornhub is still pushing VR Porn and its pretty cool except you lose the human interaction by pretending to be someone else.

Virtual EVERYTHING is on the rise though. Virtual currency, Virtual Porn  and Virtual dating. You may think of a robot when you think of virtual dating, or a computer operated voice behind an avatar talking to you. But this goes a step further. Virtual304  is a new term I created. They are 100% real women  with a common interest of getting off from home through Skype just like the men . Similar to a South Park episode I seen once before where everyone was out of work, so they threw out the Alexa’s and Google homes and gave the job  to the people. This is a goal I took on, now I’m the Virtual King. Leader of the people through the hard times to the better days.  Even through the technology high points we will find that people still appreciate new faces, different point of views and a relationship that can grow in a fixed amount of time.
Virtual304 originated in Jan 2018. Backpage had recently banned the description part of their ad category and I noticed my snapchat was gaining more girls selling their premium. Whom I was adding off BP  because they pushed them off to social media . After smoking and brain storming, I thought it will be cool if real services could be achieved with these vixens from all over. Maybe a porn from my favorites or an affordable private video chat to see what I been missing. That day in Jan, Virtual King was born and with a test promo of girls I knew personally, I shot an idea. One lucky girl, Tiffany Stackz had 8 virtual dates in the first 2days, six coming on the second day. Using fun sized sex toys and the lovense long distance toys caught people’s attention.  A new type of dirty fun that was affordable and convenient for both parties. Unrestricted phone/video fun, Virtual dating needed to grow. Unlimited girls under the same umbrella for the collective effort of not being replaced by technology. Also being the freaks they want to be without the watchful eye of them doing something wrong. An internal freedom for all parties. Where meeting isn’t the goal but entertainment and communication is key.

Not everything has been pretty in the 304 business. But I been growing this business for the people. Virtual304 is a membership based site now. Offering custom videos, picture, sexting, phone sex and everything that can be done from a safe place including sending dirty panties. Each girl is unique and profiles show their specialties. Up-to-date social media list. As well as a full dos & don’t list, pics, videos and a calendar so our Virtual Vips always know when  the ladies are available.  We do 304talk$ on Virtual304official instagram which is like a vlog with hot topics, and are constantly expanding the fun for all involved. How much? $1 for trial and $5 for monthly membership. Way less than what 1 girl charges to see a titty every 3 days by accident. We are currently accepting Bitcoins and Litecoins. We are around 24/7 on the site to help you get signed up and part of the Revolution. As the war wage on with sex workers, its time we pick the people and see how we can blend this new world without sacrificing the best hoes of the old world.

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