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With this option, you can request a certain type of video of me! Maybe you want to hear me moaning your name, or you want to see me getting fucked doggystyle. If it's within my do's and don'ts - I will have it emailed to you within 3 days.
Customized Videos
8-10 minute personalized video
Let's have a little nasty talk... Either on the phone or through text. I can get real raunchy, so be sure your in a safe place before calling me! This is either a 10 minute phone conversation, or 10 text messages from me!
Phone Sex/Sexting
Get my phone number
Once a week, I will open up my schedule for a sexy group show that allows up to 25 memebers to join my show at the same time! I'll be doing things from twerk shows, shower shows, and game nights! You won't want to miss! Low admission fees!
Group Shows
Be Apart Of The Audience
Follow me on social media and then come back here for blog updates, freaky tales, stories never to be told again, 304 talks, and more! Soon, all of the 304's will have blog access if they so chose, so you can keep up to date on everything in the 304 world!
Blog Posts
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I am EXCLUSIVE on Virtual304! Meaning, you can't find me anywhere else on the web! I don't have any forms of social media, so if you want to check me out, this is where you'll find me!

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