What Happens In Vegas…

To begin this story, I must first tell you that this is my very first trip to Vegas I’m about to tell you about! They say “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, but fuck that. I’m bout to give you guys the juicy details!

So upon first arriving at the airport in Vegas, my cheap ass decides to try to take a city bus to my hotel room instead of just grabbing an Uber or a Lyft. First mistake. I ended losing my entire wallet on that city bus with my ID, credit cards, and money in it. I was devastated. I was standing on the street at about midnight, in Vegas, with all my bags, scared of what I was going to do. I ended up waiting for that bus to come back around, and low and behold, my wallet was still there! With nothing missing, thank God! Finally get to my hotel room for the night and kick back and relax with some acquaintances while smoking on some good chronic bud. All ends well my first night.

bad girls go to vegas

The exciting shit starts to begin the next day. I ventured out alone and decided to explore Vegas’s darker side of the city, and found myself and one the very big adult book stores. I went on inside and started to look around when my phone rings. It’s a client and he wants to meet up tonight. I agree to meet up with him later that night, and head back to my hotel room to freshen up and get ready for my date.

adult superstore vegas

A few hours later, I’m a blonde bombshell once again, and I meet up with my client at a nearby bar for a drink and to discuss the details of the evening. He explains to me that he would love to take me to an adult book store, to a theater in the back and I’m so excited to hear this after exploring the one earlier in the day. I had always fantasized about doing something like this, but was just always too nervous to do anything in public. But I was in VEGAS, this was my opportunity to go big! We agreed on a location and headed that way. We entered the book store and he purchased a couples pass to the theater, which we were told was good for 24 hours.. Come and go as we please, as long as we have the ticket with us when we return. $24 I think it was, for the both of us. So we go to the back immediately. Not wanting to waste anytime, I’m curious and I want to see what’s back there. He leads me into the first theater room, where there are only 2 guys sitting in there watching a gay porno with their dicks out, jerking off. They look at us as we walk in and then continue on to their show. We move on to the next room. The 2nd theater is much bigger than the first. There’s probably about 12 people in there total, a few couples and a couple singles. Big, comfortable looking theater chairs, recliners, and couches decorate the room and 4 plasma TV’s mount the wall where there are 4 separate porno’s playing. Mostly everybody is just crowded together in the back of the room. I’m guessing also first timers, and not really knowing what to do or say. So my date and I take the lead. We find a couch that is front and center of the room – right under the plasma TV’s pretty much the main attraction and center of attention. We get right to it. He sits down on the couch and I get on my knees on the couch next to him. Toot my big round ass up in the air in plain view of the audience and start sucking the soul out of him through his dick. He lifts my skirt up to expose my bare ass and pussy to everyone and begins to rub and smack on my booty, finding his fingers their way to my dripping wet pussy. I’m so turned on by the fact that there are so many people watching us, that my pussy is throbbing! I noticed a few people had moved closer to us, and some had even pulled up a chair for front row seats! The scene was just too much for my date to handle I think, because he exploded soon after. It was short and sweet. I remember standing up to wipe off my sloppy wet face and mouth, and turning around to a standing ovation! I smiled so big, grabbed my dates hand and we walked out of the room. Just like that. In and out. It was so exhilarating, but I was left feeling very empty and horny afterwards.

My date dropped me off and I returned to my hotel room and chilled some more with my 2 acquaintances. We had a good time that turns into a movie that you don’t want to miss either! You’ll have to go to the store and see what I’m talking about! The excitement in Vegas continues on with another Virtual304 model. Welcome to my freaky, fun life.


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